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Cabtrader Terms of Engagement

Cabtrader is a brand of Azido Group Ltd.

Definitions – Terms & Conditions

Agreement means the Letter of Authority signed by the Client, together with these Terms of Engagement and supported by forms and documents issued by Cabtrader. “Product or service(s)” means the Client’s product or service or product or services against the Company relating to the application of unlawful charges to the account(s) of the Client and/or to mis-sold financial products. “Client” means the policyholder/account holder(s) whose details are set out in the “Letter of Authority” and who have appointed Cabtrader to provide the Services “Letter of Authority” means the document included in the product or service pack to be sent to the Company from the Client authorising Cabtrader to pursue the Product or service on behalf of the Client. “Compensation” means any sums paid or awarded as calculated at the time of the award that would not have been paid if the Product or service had not been made. See Fee Examples below for a full explanation. “Services” means the services provided by Cabtrader including assessing the viability of, preparing, submitting and negotiating the Product or service. Conduct of Engagement: By signing and returning the Letter of Authority, the Client agrees to be bound by the terms thereof and appoints Cabtrader and its agents to provide Services for such a period as to allow Cabtrader to assess and, if reasonably possible, complete the product or service.

The Client

  1. By completing and signing the Letter of Authority gives Cabtrader and its agents full authority to deal with the Company on your behalf and to obtain relevant information from whatever source for the duration of the contract.
  1. Will inform Cabtrader of any relevant matters affecting the product or service within 30 days.
  1. Give Cabtrader the right to deal exclusively with the Product or service(s) unless otherwise agreed in writing by Cabtrader.
  1. Will deal promptly with every reasonable request by Cabtrader for authority, information and documents and further instructions that Cabtrader may, from time to time, require. Failure to do so within 30 days of a request will give Cabtrader the right to terminate this Agreement.
  1. Provide Cabtrader with information that is true, comprehensive and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  1. Agrees for Cabtrader to pursue all possible product or services against the Company under the provision of this agreement unless the client specifically states otherwise. This includes all accounts/policies held with the Company including but not limited to those quoted from the outset.
  1. Is responsible for paying any income tax owed on their settlement. Confirms that they are not currently using a debt management company to pay off debts or have been previously made bankrupt or in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Cabtrader will:

  1. Where possible complete an audit using a Data Subject Access Request and/or Credit Report of all of the client’s accounts and pursue a settlement against the Company where Cabtrader considers there to be a product or service. The Client will not be charged for the cost of the audit. Where Cabtrader′ deems a product or service has no realistic chance of success we reserve the right not to proceed with the Product or service. However, Cabtrader will act objectively based on the evidence received when taking any such decision.
  1. Carry out necessary checks on the information and documents provided by the client pertinent to a product or service.
  1. Preserve confidentiality, including the Client’s personal information (even when this Agreement has been terminated and the Client is no longer a client), as expressly or implicitly authorised to the contrary, including where disclosure is made at the Client’s request or with the Client’s consent in relation to pursuing the Product or service, or where otherwise required by law.
  1. Cover costs relating to obtaining information from the Company.
  1. Notify the Client of the outcome of the Product or service as soon as is practicable.


  1. This Agreement will endure until cancelled by way of a cancellation notice or by a clear statement (by either party) or the product or service(s) reach a conclusion.
  1. The Client must note that they have 14 days (which starts from the date they signed the “Letter of Authority”) to cancel the authority instructing Cabtrader to act on their behalf at no cost to the Client. The cancellation date is the date on which we first receive notice of the cancellation. After 14 days the Client can cancel the contract, at which point the Company will charge the Client reasonable fees to reflect the work undertaken on the Product or service(s). Any Cancellation must be made by way of a cancellation notice or by a clear statement to Cabtrader.
  1. The Client may request Cabtrader to begin work within the 14 day cancellation period.
  1. Cabtrader makes no representation or warranty to the Client that compensation will be obtained or is in any way guaranteed.
  1. In the event that an offer is made to the Client by the Company, which is recommended for acceptance by Cabtrader on the grounds that it is a reasonable offer of compensation in accordance with the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Conduct Authority guidelines but which is refused by the Client, then Cabtrader shall be entitled to charge for its Services as detailed in Fees. In addition where a client attempts to cancel the contract post a reasonable offer being made by a company, Cabtrader is entitled to charge our full fee for our services.
  1. Cabtrader is a trading brand of Azido Group Ltd.
  1. Cabtrader can cancel this Agreement at any time and no fee will be payable by the Client if Cabtrader considers there are no grounds for a complaint or that the Clients Product or service is unlikely to succeed.
  1. Cabtrader have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the Client and, at any time, to immediately terminate this Agreement if there occurs any material breach by the Client of any term of this Agreement which is irremediable, or if remediable, is not remedied to Cabtrader′ satisfaction within 30 days of a written notice by Cabtrader specifying the breach and requiring it to be remedied; or the Client is adjudicated bankrupt; or the Client does not follow any recommendations of Cabtrader.
  1. If this agreement is cancelled (by either party) when an offer of Compensations has been made by the Company, Cabtrader will enforce payment of Fees in full.
  1. If you were introduced to us by one of our partners we will have paid a third party fee for providing services to you, which may need reimbursing. Further details of any fee paid by Cabtrader in respect of your case are available upon request.
  1. Full details of Cabtrader′ internal complaints handling procedures are available on our website and sent to you upon request.
  1. Cabtrader will not use the Letter of Authority post cancellation or on conclusion of the contract.
  1. The Client is aware that they could complain directly to the Company at no cost, with the ability to take matters further with the Ministry of Justice, yet still wishes to pursue their complaint via Cabtrader.

Law & Jurisdiction: This Agreement will be subject to the laws of England and Wales.