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Speeding Drink Driver Kills Grandmother and Injures Grandfather

Speeding Drink Driver Kills Grandmother and Injures Grandfather

A reckless speeding drink driver – Sebastian Anderson, 35 years old crashed into a car being driven by an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Richards returning from a Manchester City home football match.

The accident killed the passenger, the 73 year old Mrs Pamela Richards whilst Mr John Richards was seriously injured. Both couples were taken to hospital immediately after the crash.

Mr Anderson was drunk, being 2.5 times the legal alcohol limit, when he tried to overtake a taxi on Hyde Road in Manchester at 8pm on Saturday 10th February. As he overtook the taxi at speed he crashed into the elderly couples car, returning from the Etihad stadium. The public rushed to help after the accident, and the couple were taken to hospital.

Mrs Richards died soon thereafter at approx 9pm. Mr Richards has serious long term injuries – two fractured arms, shoulder, neck and brain damage, and is undergoing rehabilitation. He will require long term supported care.

Manchester Crown Court was informed by the prosecutor, Ms Charlotte Crangle that Mr Anderson has two previous drink driving convictions.

Mr Anderson was driving a VW Golf at a high speed of 39 to 52 mph and going through a red light at a pedestrian crossing prior to the crash. He was identified by police officers.

Initially, Mr Anderson denied the offence and lied by stating he had been kidnapped by somebody else, and they were responsible for the accident. However, later on he accepted the charge of dangerous driving. drink driving and causing serious injury.

The defending barrister, Mr Fitch-Holland, stated that Mr Anderson was profoundly apologetic towards the victims family and there were mitigating circumstances for his behaviour. He stated that Mr Anderson was having marital problems, undergoing a divorce and was suspended from work too. However, he still expected a substantial jail sentence.

The judge, Mr Martin Walsh adjourned the court and wanted more time to consider the case before passing a verdict.

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