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Sexual rapists amongst Taxi drivers are on the increase

Sexual rapists amongst Taxi drivers are on the increase

Sexual rapists amongst Taxi drivers are on the increase

Numerous taxi drivers have been increasingly accused of hundreds of sexual attacks on passengers and the police conducted over 151 rape inquiries and 353 sexual assault allegations, which represents an upward rise of 4%.

The actual figures will be higher as only 23 of the 44 police forces in England and Wales provided definitive statistics. As a consequence, incidents maybe over 1000 each year, equivalent to approximately 20 attacks every week.

Safety concerns of women passengers travelling in taxis has been heightened since 2009 with the case of “black cab rapist” John Worboys, a 62-year-old convicted of 12 sexual attacks but London police believe he could have more than 100 victims. He operated by spiking the victims drinks.

In many situations, the suspected sex predator was an Uber driver as highlighted by the police force investigations in London, Manchester, Leicestershire and Northumbria.

Convictions included :-

  1. London Uber driver, Muhammad Durrani, 38, who was was given a 12-year sentence in 2018 for rape.
  2. Hampshire Minicab driver, Ferham Khan, 29, received a 12-year prison sentence in 2019 after raping a 33-year-old woman.
  3. Cambridge taxi driver, Abu Baker, 25, was given a suspended prison sentence in early 2019 after he was found guilty of sexually touching two women who he picked up.

Local councils and licensing authorities have been campaigning for long periods for improved personal safety, better DBS vetting procedure checks, enhanced healthchecks, enhanced legislation and update of outdated taxi laws.

Customers are entitled to a high professional code of conduct and behaviour from taxi drivers.

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