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Serial Taxi Rapist is sentenced for 340 years

Serial Taxi Rapist is sentenced for 340 years

Serial Taxi Rapist is sentenced for 340 years.

The crime of rape has seen a steady, vicious rise in South Africa and to counteract this scourge, court sentences have been getting more severe.

One such individual, a filthy sexual taxi rapist, Lebogang Mokoenahas, has received concurrent sentences which includes 13 lifetimes plus an additional 340 years.

On October 2018, the 29 year old Mokoenahas was found guilty of 43 vicious sexual rape offences.

His offences included numerous sexual rapes, kidnapping, robbery, aiding and abetting, dangerous firearm type weapons and assisting in other sexual offences. The list was varied and large, and he was assisted by his partner in crime on many occasions in their Toyota Quantum Minibus taxi.

The victims described their horrific sexual offences in detail, which occurred in a variety of manners, places and times over a thirteen month period during Sept 2016 to October 17.

The sexual offences were terrifying, violent and horrific in nature, which could lead to disease and pregnancy.

The authorities were satisfied with the sentences as they wanted sexual predators to suffer the consequences of their harmful actions. It sets a precedent for future offenders.

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