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Cabtrader is a brand providing products to the private taxi drivers industry and related agencies, on behalf of Azido Group Ltd. Cabtrader owns the copyright in the contents of this website, except where otherwise stated. Website users are permitted to download to a hard disk, or make a print, for personal use, but no other copying or reproduction is permitted without our written consent.


Cabtrader endeavour to ensure that the information contained on this website is upto date and accurate, but neither Cabtrader nor any of its subsidiaries accept liability for any inaccuracy or omission. Cabtrader has a policy of continuous development and improvement of its products, and information on products and services may not be the latest available. It is important to check before ordering any product or service.

Privacy Policy

Cabtrader is committed to handling personal data supplied to us fairly and securely. We collect personal information when website users submit requests for information, which require website users to give us contact details. We use this information to provide you with details of Cabtrader and its partner’s products and services. We may transfer this information to our distributors and partners, in order to provide the most efficient service to you. This may involve transferring data to countries outside the European Economic Area. Cabtrader and our representatives may use and analyse your data to give you information about products and services that may be of interest to you.