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Process of No Win No Fee Claim

Process of No Win No Fee Claim

There are a number of methods to fund a personal injury compensation claim. One of the most preferable, desirable risk-free one from the clients perspective usually is a no win no fee arrangement. This type of legal contract avoids upfront fees. If the compensation claim succeeds then both parties will be paid otherwise nobody receives anything. This is known as a no win no fee agreement with no hidden charges.

Some solicitor firms agree to such type of contracts whilst others do not. The specific details, conditions and any exceptions can be discussed with each firm on a one-to-one basis

Agreements based on a no win no fee basis commenced around 1995. These were enacted to help clients to avoid upfront legal costs and fees when they were not at fault for accidents.

Legal Updates to No Win No Fee Agreements

However, prior to 2013 the unsuccessful claimant would be liable for all the legal costs on both sides.

Whilst the successful person would keep all the compensation awarded.

This law has been amended slightly whereby the winning claimant may also end up paying some legal costs too.

Legal costs are recovered from the compensation awarded and varies on a case by case basis as each accident is unique in its own way.

However, Green Claims always endeavour to maximise your payout.

Eitherway, in a no win no fee agreement the client will have no costs to payout anyway.

To ascertain if your accident can be covered by a no win no fee agreement then you need to contact us to discuss your specific situation. We can help to work through your unique circumstances to a positive conclusion.

Online Forms for Personal Injury Claims

With Green Claims you can easily complete an ONLINE FORM and process your claim.

This is the most efficient and cost effective method to make a compensation claim.

Our online form completion process allows you the flexibility and time to work according to your own personal circumstances without any pressure.

We have many years of dealing with personal injury claims. We can offer appropriate help and guidance to get your compensation claim off to a good start. There will be no pressure and it will be cost-free guidance and support.

No matter what type of personal injury claim you are making – it could be an accident at work, road traffic incident, medical negligence, industrial slip or trip, or any other type of accident then we can always offer our full support and guidance.

CONTACT US to speak to one of our experienced advisors today to determine if your accident is covered by a no win no fee agreement.

Once you decide to proceed with your compensation claim with us then we can guide you through the entire process hassle-free. We hope that your no win no fee agreements will reduce stress and lead to a successful end-result.

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