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New Instataxi app launched

New Instataxi app launched

New Instataxi app launched

The new instataxi app launched will be a competitive rival to Uber.

The new mobile phone app works in a similar manner to the Uber app but is based around licensed hackney carriage drivers and vehicles.

The app was launched in Devon and will be available across the South West soon.

The new mobile phone app has been launched due to an identified gap in the market by businessman, Adrian Emery. He outsourced the software development work.

The new app features include identifying how many taxis in the area, where the nearest taxi is, cost of journey and nearest pickup driver.

The new app will help to reduce journey and waiting times for customers.

The new app allows clients to track and locate nearest taxicabs via GPS trackers as well as calculate journey costs, travel times and methods of payment.

It is envisaged that the new app will be a serious rival and competitor to other brands. It will be rolled out in a stepwise manner to the entire country.

The new app hopes to assist local taxicab firms in comparison to bigger companies as it aims to locate nearest, quickest and efficient journey times.

Initial trials in Devon have been positive and is aimed to expand regionally with better marketing.

The new Instataxi app can be downloaded from both Google Play and the App Store.

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