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M32 location being fitted with Taxi electric charging points

M32 location being fitted with Taxi electric charging points

M32 location being fitted with Taxi electric charging points

Bristol City Council has been awarded a £300,000 government grant to support ultra-low emission taxis.

The council will aim to install four electric vehicle charging points, made up of eight bays, exclusively for taxis at a central location near the M32.

However, the final location is has not been confirmed.

Council is exploring options on how to restrict usage to only taxis at the charging points, thus avoiding a free for all for the entire city’s electric vehicles.

Furthermore, there have been changes introduced to taxi licensing regulations and incentives for taxi operators to encourage the shift from diesel vehicles to low or zero-emission alternatives.

In April 2018 the local council introduced a new taxi licensing policy which ensured that all new fleet Hackney Carriages must be ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) and all replacements must have an emissions standard of Euro VI or better

Taxis play an invaluable role in Bristol’s public transport system, usually providing trips that are difficult to replace by other modes of transport.

The new foundations laid ensures the city moves towards a more environmentally friendly fleet by implementing policies encouraging drivers to switch to ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV).

The new government funding, will allow the city to move towards taxi electric vehicles and reduce pollution in the city, by installing a dedicated network of charging points solely for use by taxi drivers.

Some barriers which have previously stopped drivers from switching have been the lack of available charging points and the cost of switching vehicles.

There are a number of incentives already available, approx £3,500, to enable Hackney Carriage drivers to switch to a ULEV.

Ultra-low emission taxis help in improving air quality within towns and city centres.

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