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Taxi Accidents Causing Head Neck Injuries

Taxi Accidents Causing Head Neck Injuries

Body and Neck Injuries

Injuries relating to the brain, eye, and neck can often be traumatic, serious, life threatening and life changing. These can leave many head neck injuries of accident survivors requiring permanent, long term special care or medium term 24/7 care.

After a head neck injury a lifestyle change can affect a persons personal life as well as to a job change and relationship breakdown. They may also require continuous medical treatment, dependency on carers, friends and family, and usually at a heavy financial costs.

The type of insurance policy taken out, the legal solicitor employed and the type of personal injury claim undertaken are of paramount importance, so a suitable payout for suffering clients can be won to help in their time of need.

Serious injuries can mean significant medical treatment and personal financial loss. For detailed advice on the specific injuries occurred, guidance on the circumstances, and potential compensation claims then please contact the legal representative.

Types of Head Neck Injuries Sustained are :-

Head Injury

There is no standard typical injury of this type but severe/light concussions can drastically affect a person(s) life. This leads to dizziness, confusion, visionary problems, memory loss and unconsciousness; or in extreme cases can be fatal. There maybe underlying issues such as driving whilst under the influence of alcohol/drug abuse need to be explored and investigated.

The medical injuries pertaining to the head, both internal and external, are so vast and wide ranging to describe but they can all lead significant impact upon victims and clients. Rehabilitation and treatment can vary too and can be extremely costly.

Injuries affecting the brain/head can occur in numerous ways such as car accidents, trips and falls, work industrial accidents or playing sports.

Neck Injuries

These injuries can have a short-long term impact on your daily mobility. These can lead to numbness and paralysis, emotional distress, extreme discomfort and pain. Whiplash is a strainful injury due to the soft tissue, which causes pain with any slight unexpected movements, and usually occurs in road traffic accidents, slips or sports accidents. Another type of neck injury is a fracture on your vertebrae.

Eye Injuries

These can be painful and may cause a lengthy time to recover from. In some circumstances eye injuries can cause permanent damage with life-changing consequences. Eye injuries can lead to time off from work, unexpected costs due to medical and travel. Whilst some injuries result in loss of permanent/temporary eyesight, causing trauma and distress.

Each compensation claim is unique and depends upon the circumstances of each particular incident and client. However, advice from the appropriate GC legal expert can provide a positive result for victims as well as determine where the liability lies. The claim for compensation can attempt to retrieve costs for :-

  • Financial loss due to job, earnings, employment, medical treatment, physiotherapy, travel expenses, care costs
  • Impact upon social, hobbies and leisure life
  • Psychological, emotional and physical impact
  • Time for recovery
  • Liability from other driver(s), employers, public bodies and any other third parties
  • Any other unexpected costs

Any compensation claim will endeavour to return the victims to their original physical, biological and psychological condition after sustaining head neck injuries.

Secondly, it will attempt to recover the loss incurred and try to put a financial value on this from the guilty parties.

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