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Taxi Driver Humor ….

Passenger : Follow that guy there. Driver: What on Instagram or Facebook

Passenger Humor ….

Driver : That will be £10 please. Passenger : I have only got £8 you will have to reverse back a few miles.

Driver Quits Job ….

Why did the taxi driver quit his job? Because people were always taking behind his back.

The Following Day…

Customers conversation after a party night.

Did You Know?

Taxi Stats: Total number of taxis in 2017.

Who Drives Taxis?

Women taxi driver 3% and men taxi drivers 97%.

Drivers Increasing…

Areas where there has been an increase in the number of taxi drivers.

Taxi Users

Statistics showing why people use taxis.

Quick Money..

Tips on how to make quick money.

Taxi Banter..

Taxi banterHey Taxi, Hey Stroller.