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Cumbrian taxpayers use taxis daily to drive pupils to 1200 children

Cumbrian taxpayers use taxis daily to drive pupils to 1200 children

Approximately 1200 pupils are taken to and from school by taxi with some travelling upto 260 miles a day.

Cumbria Council utilises the appropriate taxpayers monies to transport to schools by taxi on a daily basis.

For example, many of the 1200 pupils picked up by taxi are :-

  • 45 are taxied to Barrow from elsewhere in Cumbria
  • 77 are taken to school in Kendal
  • 173 are taken to Carlisle
  • 126 to Workington
  • 43 to Coniston
  • 29 to Millom
  • 44 to Ulverston
  • 35 to Windermere and
  • 125 are taken by taxi to schools outside of Cumbria

The longest single journey taken by a child by taxi to get to school is 138 miles.

Taxi transported children include those attending mainstream schools, Special Educational Needs schools and pupil referral units. In many cases these pupils have an identified requirement in their Educational Health Care, which specifies that taxi transportation is the most appropriate type of transport to meet their needs.

Cumbria county council transports approximately 9,600 children to school each day, which includes 750 children with Special Educational Needs.

Most children in Cumbria live in remote, rural areas, which are not easily accessible by larger vehicles or buses.

School transportation is seen as a lucrative business in the industry, with some taxi firms having large contracts.

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