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Cruel Attack on Taxi driver Leads to a Metal Plate Inserted into the Face

Cruel Attack on Taxi driver Leads to a Metal Plate Inserted into the Face

A teenager assaulted a taxi driver leading to a broken eye socket, jaw and cheekbone, which was treated at the hospital.

The victim sustained significant facial injuries later undergoing reconstructive surgery and having a metal plate placed into his face, which still causes ongoing pain.

The attack has caused immense ongoing pain to the taxi driver, whilst the teenager, Joe Connors of Dairy Way, Kibworth Harcourt, was convicted in Leicester Crown Court by a jury of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The 19-year-old assaulted the taxi driver after he refused to pay the him the £20 fare due on Friday evening, August 11, in Leicester.

The taxi driver initially picked up four people, dropping two passengers off along the way and when they reached the pub at Station street, the last two left the car, promising to return with their fare but the did not, and instead tried to run off. The driver challenged them whilst they were trying to get away, an argument ensued and he was attacked.

Connors, was aged 17, when he punched the driver to the face and threw him against metal railings causing him to hit his head, causing damage.

Connors was given a lenient sentence because he plays an important role helping his father to care for one of his brothers who was severely mentally impaired and assisting his mother who had bi-polar disorder.

Connors was given a 12 month sentence of detention, suspended for two years, with a three month electronically monitored night time curfew, between 9pm and 6am. He was ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work and attend 15 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement.

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