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Brutal racist attack on Derby taxi driver leaves him fighting for life

Brutal racist attack on Derby taxi driver leaves him fighting for life

Brutal racist attack on Derby taxi driver leaves him fighting for life.

Faisal Raja, a taxi driver from Derby, was brutally attacked by thugs which caused major brain damage and left him a 10% chance of survival. The attackers left him to die.

The attack has caused severe skull fractures, brain swelling and bleeding. Faisal was given a low chance of survival whilst his wife was expecting their first child.

As a result of the brain damage and skull fractures, it has caused personality changes.

He was attacked by a male gang in the Morledge area of Derby when he left his taxi to buy some food from a kebab shop during the Christmas period. The police have arrested and are investigating a gang of eight people.

The hospital staff had to perform four operations to save his life and the general fear was that he would no survive. He spent nearly three months in hospital and six weeks on a life support machine in a coma. His 31 year old wife, Rozi was pregnant at the time of the attack.

Faisal has now returned home to his new born, three-week-old daughter Aliza born on 23rd January, after a lengthy recovery process involving medical operations and physiotherapy.

He wears a protective helmet to protect his brain which is covered by a thin layer of skin and this may be replaced by a permanent protective plate. Faisal is no longer independent, requiring help and support 24/7 to move around with specially adapted home features, as well as being unable to drive. His overall medical recovery process is a lengthy one and he may never return to the original state of health prior to the attack.

The family have been devastated by the brutality of the senseless attack and relieved that he has survived. The family are aiming to raise further funds for additional healthcare costs.

The council are now looking to additional safety mechanisms for vulnerable taxi drivers to avoid such brutal recurrences.

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