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Accidents By Slips, Trips And Falls

Accidents By Slips, Trips And Falls

Accident trips and slip injuries

Human beings are prone to a variety of accidents in different situations, locations, time and circumstances as part of daily working and social public life. It is inevitable, whether the individual is to blame or not. Having a slip, trip or fall in a location – place of work, public road, social event, government buildings, private malls or dwellings – is a regular occurrance and should not be unexpected.

Treating the injury with good medical assistance is the primary objective and then finding the negligent parties using legal expertise is the next step. The subtleties of cases such as these, and to work through the specific elements leading up to the accident and dealing with the outcomes is the job of the personal injury compensation claims specialists.

Public trips and falls can be serious, distressful and painful, causing injuries which may take a long time to recover from. The claims process can be painstaking long, and daunting for which expert advice and guidance is needed.

An experienced team of GC claims specialists and legal experts are needed to deal with complex personal injury claims, and all initial advice is offered free and impartially.

Injured individuals do not deserve to lose out financially because of somebody else’s negligence for injuries that could have been avoided if better health and safety measures had been undertaken by businesses and local council bodies.

Causes of slips, trips or falls include:

  • Pavement cracks
  • Uneven floorings
  • Wet floors
  • Poor lighting
  • Obstacles

Businesses such as supermarkets, hotels and restaurants have a duty of care towards employees, clients and the public to keep them safe. Employers must ensure appropriate places such as aisles, walkways, spillages and wet floors are properly signposted.

Compensation Claims for Accidents 

Injured individuals after accidents can become immobile and ability to continue work, resulting in loss of earnings and a change in a persons social lifestyle. Any compensation claim can only attempt to return a person to normality and return an individual to the original state (physically, mentally and financially).

A compensation claims calculator can estimate a proposed amount to be paid if the legal case is successful but this is dependent upon the proper recording of all the accidents details – name, location, times, witnesses, description of the incident, identification of the negligent party.

Employees should not be worried when making a claim against an employer as he is legally forbidden to act negatively against an injured party or place an unfair financial burden because of the legal case.

Normally insurance policies with reputable companies ensures that injured parties are not left out of pocket which covers cost of employer liability claims.

Business such as hotels, restaurants and shops, have a duty of care to ensure safety from slips trip and falls on their premises. They must prepare and maintain a safe environment for their staff, clients and the public, such as notification of hazards, and ensure safe, clear corridors and alleyways.

Despite, hazard warnings in buildings it may still not be enough to prevent negligence as these hazards may still be insufficient to cause harm to individuals.

Accidents In Supermarkets

Many common slips and fall type injuries could occur due to accidents in shops, supermarkets and rented accommodation. Landlords are responsible for property maintenance and safety of properties under their remit, and any malfunctions, damages, repairs or dangers should be fixed quickly. Any sub-standard, unsafe property can lead to slip, trips and falls. Thus a properly documented case with all the details can help to clarify who is to blame and the nature of any subsequent personal injury compensation claim.

Accidents in public places, such as walking down the street can be extremely unexpected and surprising with a significant impact on daily life and finances. We must remember business owners and local authorities need to ensure that their customers, the public and their staff are safe.

The resulting injuries may incapacitate an individual from his work activities and unable to continue with his normal activities, causing much pain, anxiety and frustration.

As a result of an injury a person may end up no pay or statutory sick pay due time off work, as well as a host of other expenses from medical treatment, travel expenses, debt and loans.

Examples of public accidents include :

  • Spillages causes supermarket accidents
  • Cracked pavements causing pedestrian accidents
  • Work accidents due to poor safety
  • Children falling in schools

Accidents By Local Authorities

Proprietors of businesses and local authorities have a duty to ensure safety of the public and visitors, thus reducing risks to a minimum, including signposting wet floors, spillage clean up, keep obstacles away from aisles and ensure good lighting.

Similarly, local authorities have a duty of care to ensuring public pavements are properly maintained and safe from cracking, and prevent injury from trips or falls. Trips or falls on pavements could be due to uneven paving slabs, damage due to tree roots or vehicles, poor paving, road signs, drain covers and poor maintenance.

Claims specialists always evaluate the full impact of an accident and its impact on livelihood, cost of medical treatment, travel costs, mental and psychological effects.

Injured persons should always clarify the impact of an accident with a solicitor or claims specialist to understand the full extent of their injury and ascertain who the guilty party is.

Accidents in shopping malls can occur quickly and unexpectedly causing much pain and long term injuries, such as fractures, whiplash, broken bones. and owners have to adhere to acts such as The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 which provides safety, otherwise serious injury can occur to individuals.

Slips, trips and fall accidents happen regularly in shopping malls due to wet, slippery floors, which occur because of spillages and weather, or due to dangerous machinery such as forklifts.

Compensation Claims

A just appropriate compensation for personal injury resulting from such accidents can help in the rehabilitation period and map out a future recovery plan, which help recompense for medical and financial loss.

Accidents at supermarkets usually occur when due to negligence from owners in following their safety regulations, because nobody expects to be seriously injured whilst out shopping. It is their duty of care to get rid of all spillages, remove hazards, signposting, contamination free environment and following of basic safety regulations.

GCs team of legal experts can provide free, impartial advice about making a compensation claim according any non win no fee agreements – this means you are under pressure to start a personal injury claim for your accident when you contact anyone.

We, as a Compensation Claims Specialists can provide you with the best service possible.

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