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2019 New Launch – The Electric Nissan Dynamo Taxi

The electric era will lead to the launch in London of the first 100% electric and emission free taxi.

The Dynamo All Electric Taxi, built in Coventry by Dynamo Motor Company, can carry 5 passengers and after concessions is available for approx £46k.

The Dynamo fuel savings stipulate that it will cost less than £30 per week on electricity and is the major selling point.

Installing a home charger will mean that it will cost £6 to travel 174 miles, when compared to approx £35 in current diesel taxis, which is equivalent to 3p per mile. Servicing is a fraction of the price too.

In a world rapidly moving away from diesel engines’ poisonous gases, the 100% electric emitting zero emissions. This is a new era for the taxi world.

The 174 miles range is a big development in the Electric Taxi market.

The Dynamo focusses on driver comfort in wide variety of weather and driving conditions, drivers need to feel comfortable. The seats and driving position have been designed for extensive use without causing many of the physical issues associated with long hours behind the wheel.

With proven reliability worldwide, running costs of around 3p per mile (home charging) the Dynamo offers substantial savings for taxi drivers.

Dynamo aims to maximise profits focusing upon reliability, fuel costs, servicing and government grants assistance for purchases.

The Dynamo is modelled on the Nissan, developed some of the world’s leading automotive technologies, with low maintenance and lower running costs.

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